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Product FAQ

Some products need a little more information than we can fit on the product page.

FAQ: Ultra-Premium Screen Protectors

Q. Tell me about the silver-ion coating - how can it prevent germs/microbes?. A. Silver-ion technology has been used in wound dressings and for protecting surfaces in hospitals for years. More recently, you might have seen door handle wraps using the

FAQ: Rotating Screen Mount

Not really. Because the screen is slightly offset to allow for the 30 degrees of movement, it will be too close to the steering wheel in a RHD car. However, we do have some customers using these in RHD models. Yes. The bracket, by design, is difficul

FAQ: S3XY Buttons

Absolutely! Check out the video here. Everything you need is in the box including the S3XY Buttons, Controller, a wire harness and trim removal tool. Head over the installation tab to see how to install it, but it's very easy. Remember to move the fr

FAQ: Premium Floormats

Having three distinct layers means we've been able to incorporate features that would otherwise be missing. Of note, the hooked backing ensures the floor mats will never move, or 'flop'. The middle layer provides structure, so even if someone spills

FAQ: Steering Yoke

Absolutely! Check out the video on the Installation tab. It's technically easy, but requires a good amount of effort to undo, and retighten, the hex nut that holds the wheel on. If you have trouble aligning the wheel when re-fitting it, use a pencil

FAQ: Trunk Lightbar

It's supplied with a couple of strips of black foam adhesive. We strongly recommend installing it with a cargo/trunk cover like this one, as it provides the best location for a light like this. You could of course just install it to one side, or on t

FAQ: RimSavers

Yes. We recommend lightly sanding the damaged area with 600 grit sandpaper (aka Wet n Dry) to smooth the rough edges. The adhesive works best on smooth, flat surfaces. You should start the install on an undamaged area so it has a strong bond at the s

FAQ: Wheelbands

Q: Will changing tires damage my Wheelbands?. A: Unless care is taken and the proper equipment used, Wheelbands can be damaged during tire changes. It is important to let your tire technician know you have Wheelbands installed.  Mention that if they

FAQ: USB Hub (1st Generation Center Console)

Is the QI Charging Pad (or the Tesla OEM Charging Pad) compatible with the hub?. Absolutely. The Hub supports PD 3.0 power delivery, so is compatible with both hubs. To ensure the wireless charging pad is fully optimized, ensure you plug in the USB p

FAQ: How to know if you have a 12V or 16V Car

In 2022, Tesla switched from a 12V low-voltage architecture (i.e. every circuit in the car, other than the high-voltage circuits that power the motor(s)) to a 16V architecture. This generally coincided with the switch from Intel to AMD (Ryzen) for th

FAQ: How to know if your Tesla has HW4

What's Hardware 4, or "HW4"? It's the latest iteration of autopilot hardware. Currently only found on Model Y, and presumably coming to the rest of the range before the end of 2023. If you've reached this page, it's probably because you're checking o

Mudflap Comparisons

First, please refer to the graphic below:. To summarize, if our Original and Low Profile mudflaps made a baby, the result would be the Premium mudflaps. Combining the best of both worlds, the Premium mudflap will survive potholes, speedbumps and the

FAQ: PPF (Paint Protection Film)

All of the PPF kits we sell are designed for DIY installation. Typically, they're supplied with an accessory kit which will include a squeegee and spray bottle to mix your slip solution. The key to any of these kits is to use a LOT of the slip soluti

FAQ: Animated Dash Strip

The cables are long enough to reach any part of your center console. The front compartment (where the 2xUSB-A ports are located) is fairly difficult to sneak cables into, so instead we recommend the rear compartment beneath the armrest. You'd need a


All it needs is a power supply via a USB connection. If you have a newer Model 3 or Y, we recommend using the USB port in the glovebox. For older models with the 1st-generation center console, you can connect to one of the USB ports inside the center

FAQ - Cybertruck Ultrabright Lights

Absolutely. We've been selling lights for Tesla vehicles since 2014; they're always CE-rated and RoHS certified, so you know they're made with quality components. Our Ultrabright lights are made in Tiawan, which is generally known as the 'home' of hi