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FAQ - Cybertruck Ultrabright LightsUpdated 5 months ago

Are these safe in my Cybertruck?

Absolutely. We've been selling lights for Tesla vehicles since 2014; they're always CE-rated and RoHS certified, so you know they're made with quality components. Our Ultrabright lights are made in Tiawan, which is generally known as the 'home' of high quality LED lighting (most are made in China). They're made by a company that also supplies a major German OEM with millions of lights each year. In short, they're the best lights you can buy for your Tesla.

After installation the light didn't illuminate - is it a dud?

Almost certainly not. Sometimes, when switching lights, your Cybertruck will shutdown the circuit. It's only happened ones to us in about 50 swaps, but it can happen. If it does, don't worry! The virtual fuses reset and re-bench line overnight, so come the next day, all your new lights will be working. 

I can't get the factory bulb out - help!

Each of the locations are tough to work with, the factory bulbs are a very snug fit. Please watch our video, and don't give up; they do come out, just some locations require some perseverance.

How much power does each bulb consume?

In the context of an EV, the power draw is trivial. The factory lights come in around 0.32W. Our lights are 0.97W.

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