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FAQ: S3XY ButtonsUpdated 2 years ago

What's needed to complete the installation? Can I do it myself?

Absolutely! Check out the video here. Everything you need is in the box including the S3XY Buttons, Controller, a wire harness and trim removal tool. Head over the installation tab to see how to install it, but it's very easy. Remember to move the front seats forward for easier access, since you'll be working from the back seat.

❔ Are they compatible with all Models?

Currently, they're compatible with all Model 3 & Y, and the refreshed S & X. A version for the pre-Refresh S & X is expected early summer, 2022. If you have a 2018 Model 3, or a refreshed S/X, then your buttons will arrive with the regular cable (for all other Model 3 & Y), and the specific cable for either your 2018 Model 3, or Refreshed S/X. 

❔ Are these compatible with ScanMyTesla, or TesLAX?

Yes! You can read which apps are supported here. You will need to purchase a splitter for the ODB port, or you can daisy-chain them together.

❔ Tell me about the Buttons. How do they work?

The Controller supports up to 8 Buttons; you can currently order in sets of two, four or six. Each button connects to the Controller via low-energy Bluetooth, and in turn, the Controller links to the app on your phone in the same way.  You only need your phone when configuring the buttons though, and the buttons are not dependent on the app to be running (but it does have a cool dash display option).

❔ Do the Buttons use a battery?

Yes, they use a CR2032 cell battery, the same as your Tesla keyfob (if you have one). It should last around a year and a half based on average use, and is replaceable by separating the two pieces of the Button. Video coming soon!

❔ Can I move the Buttons?

Yes! They feature a nano-suction pad, as opposed to the normal foam adhesive, so they can be moved as needed, but ensure the surface is clean. If you notice they're not sticking well anymore, you can use an alcohol wipe or wet, lint free, cloth to clean the pad.

❔ Will this damage my Tesla?

Nope! Because Teslas no longer have a traditional OBD (on-board diagnostics) port, this kit basically adds the port into the CAN bus, and the Controller plugs into that - much the same as other OBD dongles you'll see from insurance or car service companies.

❔ Where are these made?

They're designed and manufactured in the EU by a team of automotive engineers (and Tesla enthusiasts!) with years of experience in designing and building instrument clusters for other major OEMs.

❔ Is it secure? Can someone access my Buttons externally and change my settings?

You can pair up to five device to the Commander. Connections from unknown devices are refused, the only way to connect a second, and subsequent, device is to press the pairing button on the Commander. If you lose or upgrade your phone, you would pair your new phone using this method, then forget previous phones.

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