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FAQ: Steering YokeUpdated 2 years ago

❔ What's needed to complete the installation? Can I do it myself?

Absolutely! Check out the video on the Installation tab. It's technically easy, but requires a good amount of effort to undo, and retighten, the hex nut that holds the wheel on. If you have trouble aligning the wheel when re-fitting it, use a pencil on the sprocket to add some graphite (which acts as a dry lubricant).

❔ Will this impact my warranty? 

No. All of these wheels are modified versions of the OEM factory wheels, and the airbag module is the one already in your car, so everything is still sourced from Tesla. 

❔ What makes these 'premium'?

Each yoke is hand-made, taking about eight hours each. The carbon fiber is all real, and the leather is a supple, nappa leather. Unlike other options on the market, you don't have to move the scroll wheels from your existing wheel, everything is ready to go for you.

❔ Do they support the heated steering wheel option?

Not at this time.

❔ Does the alcantara option get dirty over time?

Alcantara has been used in high-wear areas of cars for many years. We've had a test version in our Model 3 for a few months, and there's no issues at all, but, we don't really eat in the car. If your car gets heavy use, you might find the leather options more practical, but, the alcantara can be cleaned and 'fluffed up' with a mild soap on a wet cloth.

❔ Why do I need a yoke?

It adds a striking new look to your Model 3 or Y. In addition, the new feeling of even more space, and visibility out front, is quite dramatic. A yoke is not for everyone, but we can see why Tesla put them in the refreshed S & X!

❔ How tight should the center bolt be?

It should be re-tightened to 80nm

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