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FAQ: Rotating Screen MountUpdated 2 years ago

Is this compatible with right-hand drive Model 3 & Y?

Not really. Because the screen is slightly offset to allow for the 30 degrees of movement, it will be too close to the steering wheel in a RHD car. However, we do have some customers using these in RHD models.

I can't move the bracket/hinge, will this work in my car?

Yes. The bracket, by design, is difficult, if not impossible, to rotate when it's not attached to both your car and the screen. This is to ensure the screen does not move when you don't want it to. Once installed, it will move as expected.

Will this invalidate my warranty?

As with any after-market accessory, if the manufacturer can explicitly prove the issue was caused by the accessory, then they may not honor a warranty claims.

Why do you not recommend it for 1st-generation center consoles?

To allow for the required amount of rotation, the bracket moves the screen forward and slightly down. On the first generation center console, this means the door covering the phone storage/charging area will not fully open. For many customers this is not an issue.

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