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FAQ: Animated Dash StripUpdated 9 days ago

Is this compatible with Model 3 & Y that do not have USB in the glovebox?

The cables are long enough to reach any part of your center console. The front compartment (where the 2xUSB-A ports are located) is fairly difficult to sneak cables into, so instead we recommend the rear compartment beneath the armrest. You'd need a USB adaptor for the 12V accessory port, but it's quite easy to run the cables under the side trim on the center console, and into the rear section of your center console. The second video here shows how.

Will this work in my RHD Model 3/Y

Yes, except the CyberUSB hub will not fit, as it's shaped to tuck into the corner of a LHD glovebox perfectly, so you would need to use another USB hub to provide the required USB-A port. We are working on another version that will work for RHD glove boxes, in the meantime, you might want to check Amazon by searching on "Glove Box USB hub". If you're in the UK, we recommend this one

Can I still use the port for Sentry recording?

Absolutely, but bear in mind that certain SSD drives use a lot of power, and may cause an issue when the light strip is also on - for example, NVM PCIE SSD's are extremely power hungry. Regular SATA SSD use max 5V 0,5A, which should be fine, or (ideally) we recommend a MicroSD card + USB reader (something like this), as they don't consume a lot of power. Of course, the Tesla-supplied USB flash drive causes no issues.

How much power does it use?

At standby (unlit) 0.01A. When partially lit, i.e. chasing lights, sound activated etc), 0.14-0.23A. When fully lit, at maximum brightness, 0.44A. This low draw does mean you could consider using a rechargeable power bank if you do not have a USB port in your glovebox. Using something like this, you should expect to get around 88hrs of use. 

How does the occupancy sensor actually work?

It was originally designed for touchless operation of things like lights in rooms that cannot have switches (sterile room, wet rooms etc). They detect heat, movement and sound, through most materials, except metal, so it's ideal for this application. We didn't originally have this included, but after parking outside a movie theater, then coming out 2hrs later to a light show from the Model Y, we figured it would be better to turn off the lights when there's nobody in the car! It will detect movement outside the car if it's sufficiently loud. It will not pass data, so although the sensor can be used for other devices, it can only be for power control, without data.

How do I bypass the Start Up Sequence?

You can cancel the welcome mode by clicking K2 directly. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the app and select the mode you'd like:

K1: There are four boot modes to choose from. click to switch to the next
K2: Press to skip boot mode
K3: The speed of the flowing light can be changed. There are eight gears to adjust the speed

I don't need another app on my phone

We hear you! The button on the USB-A controller provides access to the top ~20 effects. If you need more, you'll need to download the app, but don't worry the app gathers zero data (both Apple and Google confirm this in their app stores).

I bought the dash and center console strips. Can they be sync'd?

Yes! Please refer to this video to see how.

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