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FAQ: WheelbandsUpdated 2 years ago

Q: Will changing tires damage my Wheelbands?

A: Unless care is taken and the proper equipment used, Wheelbands can be damaged during tire changes. It is important to let your tire technician know you have Wheelbands installed.  Mention that if they use the same technique as when changing tires on "chrome clad" wheels the Wheelbands should be fine. For getting the longest life out of your Wheel Bands we recommend installing Wheel Bands on wheels with new or relatively new tires.

Q: Will Wheelbands fit my wheels?

A: There's enough material for 4 22" wheels. If you have 18" wheels, then there's enough for 5 if you use it sparingly :-) Refer to the table above for compatibility. If you have after-market wheels, please ensure there's a sufficient rim to stick them to:

Q: How long to Wheelbands last?

A: The current RimPro-Tec® Wheelbands™ system has been under development for over seven years. Wheelbands installed as long as seven years ago continue to perform without problem in real-life installations. Performance testing indicates that undamaged Wheelbands should commonly last for up to 40,000 miles. However, they should be considered a wear item like a wiper blade. We recommend that they be replaced whenever you replace your worn tires. The color inserts are weather and sunlight resistant but will eventually begin to fade slightly after a two years of outdoor exposure depending on how your car is stored. Color inserts can be taken out in seconds turned over and re-inserted to increase their full color life, or new color inserts may be purchased separately. It is not necessary to replace undamaged black or silver mounting tracks.

Q:  Do Wheel Bands affect tire balancing or alignment?

A: No. This has been checked many times. Properly installed Wheel Bands are a precision product manufactured to tight tolerances. Their installation does not affect wheel balancing. They also do not interfere with or affect the wheel alignment process.

Q: Are Wheelbands easy to install?

A: Wheel Bands can be installed without removing tires or wheels from the vehicle.  Most first time DIY customers are able to install a set of Wheelbands on a vehicle in less than one hour. In general, 22" wheels will take longer than 16" wheels. Extra clean up prep time is required if the wheels are dirty or have tire shine product overspray on them that will need to be fully removed for Wheelbands to stick properly.  

The only tool required for installation is a good set of cutters.  A sharp set of anvil type pruning shears work best to make a good clean square cut.  If these are not available, it is better to use a box cutter or score the Wheel Bands with a sharp knife and snap off.  Scissors and wire cutters will usually not give a good squared up professional looking cut.

Q: Where are Wheelbands made?

A: Wheel Bands are proudly made in the U.S.A. in a manufacturing facility certified to the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System Standard for automotive parts production...the #1 quality standard in the automotive industry.

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