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FAQ: Trunk LightbarUpdated 2 years ago

How does the lightbar attach?

It's supplied with a couple of strips of black foam adhesive. We strongly recommend installing it with a cargo/trunk cover like this one, as it provides the best location for a light like this. You could of course just install it to one side, or on the seatback, but it's very bright to look at, so uncovered positions are not ideal, but feel free to get creative!

How bright is it?

The lightbar emits approx. 300lux at a color temperature of 6500k, so it's a nice, bright white light, without the hint of blue.

Is it on all the time?

No. It's supplied with a magnetic closure sensor, so it's only on when the trunk is open. The sensor fits to the interior trim of the trunk, and a small magnet to the liftgate. We suggest a position for these in the installation video.

Is is safe to use in my Tesla?

Every light we sell is CE-certified, which means they conform with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. there is no US equivalent, so we use CE testing since it's a requirement of sale for electronic goods in the EU, and is a globally recognized standard.


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