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FAQ: How to know if you have a 12V or 16V CarUpdated a year ago

In 2022, Tesla switched from a 12V low-voltage architecture (i.e. every circuit in the car, other than the high-voltage circuits that power the motor(s)) to a 16V architecture. This generally coincided with the switch from Intel to AMD (Ryzen) for the infotainment processor. Many of our accessories will work fine with both voltages, while some will need to be adjusted to match the voltage.

The nature of Tesla's production means it's never possible to provide an exact date or VIN number for when the change occurred, but there's an easy way to check.

On the Center Screen

Hit the car icon in the bottom left, then go to Software. Select Additional Vehicle Information:

On the next screen, if you see Lithium-ion for the Low voltage battery type, then you have a 16V architecture. If it says Lead-Acid, you have the 12V architecture. Below is where you'll find this information: 

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