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FAQ: CTRL-BarUpdated 8 months ago

How do I connect it?

All it needs is a power supply via a USB connection. If you have a newer Model 3 or Y, we recommend using the USB port in the glovebox. For older models with the 1st-generation center console, you can connect to one of the USB ports inside the center console.

All functions that relate to your car are controlled via the app on your phone, which your CTRL-Bar connects to via Bluetooth. An internet connection is needed for those to function. The lighting feature is local to the CTRL-Bar.

Where can I download the app?

The IOS app is here, and Android here

Is the app secure?

It is! The app currently uses legacy authentication to Tesla, much the same as other well-known apps for your Tesla such as Tezlab. Tesla has recently released a new API, and the apps will be migrated to that in early 2024.

How do I change the colors?

Press and hold whatever button you have configured for the lights. You can then adjust the color and brightness using the knobs.

The display just says "Loading"

This means that the CTRL-Bar hasn't been able to establish a Bluetooth connection with the app on your phone. To resolve this, please try the following typical solutions to Bluetooth issues:

  • Hard-exit the app on your phone, and then re-open it
  • Toggle your Bluetooth off and on
  • Power-cycle the CTRL-Bar

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