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FAQ: All About SolarShift PPFUpdated 25 days ago

What is SolarShift PPF?

This PPF contains a UV-reactive layer that darkens in daylight. Since it's UV-activated, it works much like photochromic sunglasses - the brighter the natural light, the darker is becomes. The benefit of this is you can freely tint your lights, in the knowledge that it protects them, and at night, it has no impact on the light output.

The level of tint is less than the darker pre-tinted PPF. In our tests, we've found that the Purple version gets down to about 33% VLT, and the Shadow version to 40% VLT. Below is a graphic demonstrating VLT levels:

How quickly does it react to light?

Very quickly. Much like glasses that get dark in sunshine, this film is much the same. The brighter the sun, the darker the film becomes, but even in regular daylight, the color change is clear.

How thick is it?

It's 7.5mil (excluding the backing film), which is the same as other films on the market, such as Xpel. 

How can PPF be 'self healing'?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is often described as 'self-healing' due to its ability to repair minor scratches and swirl marks on its own. This self-healing mechanism is primarily facilitated by the heat-sensitive nature of the elastomeric polymers that are incorporated into the PPF's top coat. When the PPF is exposed to heat, such as from direct sunlight or a heat gun, these polymers become more flexible and can return to their original shape, effectively filling in and making light scratches disappear.

Can I have my wrap shop apply your kits?

We recommend not doing that. Wrap shops use professional installers, so have different techniques and skill to install PPF and wraps. Pre-cut DIY kits tend to not work out so well for them, as they're just not used to working with them. Any wrap shop will be able to achieve similar results, but they should use their own patterns/materials. We cannot replace PPF that a wrap shop claims didn't fit or was poorly cut - this happens because they're not used to pre-cut kits.

How easy is it to apply?

Generally speaking, not difficult at all, it just requires patience. You'll use a slip solution to apply the PPF, which is great, because you can reposition as many times as you need to. However, on the more intricate pieces, such as the skinny Cybertruck lightbar, it can take a while to finalize the install, as it slips and stretches quite easily. The SolarShift PPF is a little less flexible than the XPel PPF, so if you're looking for the easiest install, then the Xpel clear or matte films are a better option.

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