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FAQ: PPF (Paint Protection Film)Updated 4 months ago

What's the difference between 8mil and 10mil?

It's 20% thicker, so it really comes down to greater durability: Although 8 mil PPF can offer good protection, it may not last as long as a 10mil film. The extra thickness of 10 mil PPF means that it will be able to withstand more wear and tear, which can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run. Consider 10mil for higher-wear areas, such as the front of the vehicle, and door openings. The downside of the thicker 10mil film is that it's sometimes more difficult to apply if it's an intricate area of the bodywork.

How is PPF applied?

All of the PPF kits we sell are designed for DIY installation. Typically, they're supplied with an accessory kit which will include a squeegee and spray bottle to mix your slip solution. The key to any of these kits is to use a LOT of the slip solution - both sides of the PPF, and your hands/fingers.

Can I have my wrap shop apply your kits?

We recommend not doing that. Wrap shops use professional installers, so have different techniques and skill to install PPF and wraps. Pre-cut DIY kits tend to not work out so well for them, as they're just not used to them.

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