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FAQ: How to know if your Tesla has HW4Updated 10 months ago

What's Hardware 4, or "HW4"? It's the latest iteration of autopilot hardware. Currently only found on Model Y, and presumably coming to the rest of the range before the end of 2023.

If you've reached this page, it's probably because you're checking out one of our accessories that mentions it's not compatible with HW4. There's a few ways to confirm you have HW4:

Check the VIN

Tesla being Tesla, this is not a hard and fast rule, but the higher you are from the 'cutover VIN', the higher the likelihood you have HW4.

  • Fremont Model Y Builds - VIN F789400 or higher
  • Austin Model Y Builds - VIN A130120 or higher 

Check the Cameras

If you're close to the VIN's above, it's probably worth double-checking by looking at the cameras on your car. In the image below, you'll see HW3 on the left, and HW4 on the right:

The HW4 cameras (orange arrow) all have a reddish reflection (a coating to assist with color rendition in poor lighting conditions), and are larger overall. The indicator strip (green arrow) is also shorter on the HW4 side repeater.

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