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If we have something that works for all models - even, maybe - gasp - non-EV's, you'll find it here!

Rimsavers for All Models

Please refer to the video below, you can skip-around as needed using the chapters. Just like feeding Gremlins after midnight, there's a couple of golden rules:.

Wheelbands for All Models

Your Wheelbands ship with basic instructions, but please watch our video for a closer look at how to install them on your Tesla. It's really important to use the supplied wipes to clean the application area. Also note that wheels with a protective co

Any Emblem Installation

Application is easy, you can watch our quick video below. In the video we are installing the Dual Motor emblem, but the same technique applies to all of our emblems :-).

PWS Isolation KIT for All Models

Carbon Fiber Turn Signal (Indicator) Caps for All Models (Excl S/X Refresh)

The caps cover the chrome area of the turn signals/indicators, leaving the actual indicator visible. It's best to do this on a warm day, with a temperature of at least 61f/16c. Start by cleaning the chrome area to ensure it's free of dirt or other co

Wireless Controller Use and Troubleshooting

Tesla have started to remove data capability from some of their USB ports, so pairing the controllers can sometimes be confusing, especially in newer (MY 2022) Model 3 & Y, where you can only use the glove-box port for data accessories. Please refer

Foldaway Phone Holders for All Models

Please refer to the videos below, the first is for the Qi-enabled MagSafe version, the second is for the Grip Mount version. Both fold away behind the screen to be completely out of sight when not in use. The MagSafe version comes as a mount-only, or

Steering Wheel Decals for All Models

This are super easy, the main thing to take care of ahead of time is that the surface of the T logo is clean. Carefully remove the decal/trim from the white backing sheet, ensuring the vinyl stays attached to the clear carrier sheet. Now present the

Logo Decals for All Models

To start, ensure the target emblem is clean and cool. You need to position yourself in-line with the emblem, so if you have a stool to perch on, grab that, and position yourself square-on to the emblem you're applying the decal to. Now carefully remo

Glass (Window) Decals for All Models

Glass decals are really easy to install. On the more intricate designs, you need to make sure that when you're peeling back the film, all the vinyl stays on the glass, and doesn't get peeled away. With that said, here's how to do it:

Ultra Bright LED Puddle Lights for All Models

Please refer to this video if you're fitting the puddle lights in a Model 3 (around the 15 minute mark):. FAQ. Q: I can't get the plug to fit into the bulb. A: Tesla have used a few variations of the plug.  They're all basically the same, but it does

Car Covers

Unpack the car cover, it's installed on the car silver-side out. The fit over your car will be snug, but you should need to pull hard to get it in place. Much like a fitted sheet, it takes a little bit of shuffling around to get it right.Use the char

Caliper Decals

Please refer to the quick video below, showing how to install your caliper decals.

Clean Air (CA -CAV) / Clean Pass (NY-CPV) Clear PPF Clings

On a flat surface, gently position your CAV/CPV sticker onto the top the cling decal. Getting the position right can take a few attempts, so it's important not to apply any pressure, as you're committed at that point (removing it will cause the 'VOID

SpaceX Emblem

Note on Caring for your emblem: The tippy-tip of the "X" is very long and narrow, too narrow for the adhesive foam to get right to the very end, so if you're hand-drying your car, take care not to snag your cloth under the emblem. Also be cautious of

Center Wheel Caps

To install, simple push them into place with a firm shove. If your set came with bolt covers they're the same, just sliding over the existing bolts. Should you need to remove them, never use a screwdriver, as it'll damage your wheels. For the bolt co

Blind Spot Mirrors

🎥 Video coming soon!. Should you ever need to clean them, regular glass cleaner is fine, or lens cleaner (isopropyl alcohol).

Game Controller (joypads)

You can view the full installation manual here. Here's a quick install and use demo:.

Puddle Light Adjustment

If you find you need to adjust the angle of the project image from our puddle lights (noting that there is a left and right bulb in each pack), please refer to the video below:.

Wheel Protector

Coming soon!

Clean Air/Clean Pass PPF Clings

On a flat surface, gently position your CAV/CPV sticker onto the top the cling decal. Getting the position right can take a few attempts, so it's important not to apply any pressure, as you're committed at that point (removing it will cause the 'VOID

Wheel Decals

They're super-easy to install, check out the quick video below:.

Mega-Bright Puddle Lights

Please refer to the quick video below, and don't forget to roll down your windows before starting!. Need to adjust the position of your lights? Here's how:.

Emblem Removal Kit

The video below shows how to remove an emblem using the kit on a Rivian, but the same process applies regardless of vehicle. The video should start around 6:18, if it doesn't for some reason, please skip to that time.

FAQ: RimTrims

What are the key features of RimTrims?RimTrims are available in two widths, 1/4 an 3/8 to fit a variety of wheel lip (bead) sizes. RimTrims are secured with genuine 3M tape and come with an adhesive backed clip to cover the seam. RimTrims are designe

Installing Rimtrims

Please refer to the video below:. RimTrims are a great option for covering existing minor-medium 'rash' on the edge of the rim, as well as offering protection and a pop of color with the fire red option. More details available on our FAQ.