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Wheelbands for All ModelsUpdated 2 years ago

Your Wheelbands ship with basic instructions, but please watch our video for a closer look at how to install them on your Tesla. It's really important to use the supplied wipes to clean the application area. Also note that wheels with a protective coating (ceramic, Opticoat, after-market high-gloss coating etc) are not compatible, as the coating doesn't allow for a good bond with the adhesive tape. Finally, if your car has just been delivered, please allow a couple of weeks for the wheels to 'off-gas'. We've seen a few occurrences of poor adhesive bonding, and in all cases, the car had just come out of the factory. Apply when the temperature is warmer than 50f/15c.

Doubtful they'll protect your wheels from curb-rash? Check out our testing video here:

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