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Any Emblem InstallationUpdated 2 years ago

Application is easy, you can watch our quick video below. In the video we are installing the Dual Motor emblem, but the same technique applies to all of our emblems :-)

  1. Decide on placement, and clean the target area with the included wipe. Allow to dry.
  2. If you want to be 100% sure it's level, apply some painters tape as a guide, and check it's level with a spirit level/laser, and even step back to double check you're happy with the position.
  3. Carefully peel off the white backing, ensuring the letters stay in place in the foam.
  4. The adhesive foam will only be slightly tacky. This is intentional as the adhesive is pressure activated, allowing you to reposition until you're completely satisfied with the placement. 
  5. Carefully apply the emblem to your car. Use light pressure at first to ensure you're happy with the position. Pay attention to the 'performance bar' as that's quite flexible, so double-check to ensure it's straight.
  6. Complete the installation by applying firm, even pressure (use a wipe or soft towel), then remove the clear protective layer, and then the foam
  7. Done! Protect from water and temperature extremes for 24hrs.

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