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Logo Decals for All ModelsUpdated 2 years ago

To start, ensure the target emblem is clean and cool. You need to position yourself in-line with the emblem, so if you have a stool to perch on, grab that, and position yourself square-on to the emblem you're applying the decal to.

Now carefully remove the decal from the white backing sheet, ensuring both pieces stay attached to the clear carrier sheet. The top 'arc' piece is quite fragile, so take extra care with it.

Now present the decal to the emblem on your car. for the "T" logo, use the bottom of the 'v' indent of the T as your first alignment point. Once you think you are level and in the right spot, apply very light pressure to allow the decal to grab, but not stick permanently. 

Now take the time to look at all the edges to make sure they're prefect. The emblems have a small radius (curve) on all edges, and it's not the intent for our decals to completely cover them. Instead, we're aiming to cover the entire flat surface, leaving a peek of chrome on all the edges; this is what you're aiming for.

Once you're happy with the positioning, apply even pressure all over, then carefully and slowly remove the clear transfer tape, ensuring the vinyl decal stays in place. 

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