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Rimsavers for All ModelsUpdated a year ago

Please refer to the video below, you can skip-around as needed using the chapters. Just like feeding Gremlins after midnight, there's a couple of golden rules:

  • Clean the wheel thoroughly. Not doing so is the #1 reason for installation failure. This means:
    • Clean any obvious dirt and dust with a shop rag. Use rubbing alcohol if you have some.
    • Now use the included alcohol wipe to clean it further. Keep folding into a new section until it comes away clean.
    • Finally, the Adhesive Promotor will ensure a very solid bond. You must allow it to cure for at least 5 minutes, and no more than 20 minutes. Use disposable gloves if you have sensitive skin.
  • Start installing the blade by removing a small section of backing tape and sticking on the first inch, ideally by the air valve. Note: Only the guide lip goes over the lip toward the tire bead. DO NOT BEND BLADE OVER EDGE.
  • Use the guide lip to align the remaining blade and pull backing tape from under the blade as you go.
  • Continue installing until two inches from start. Leave backing tape on so you can lay it down and measure for cut. Use sharp scissors to cut the blade. The ends should butt up with no overlap.
  • Optionally, apply the cover piece to hide the join using the provided superglue. This is the ONLY place the superglue should be used.

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