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Carbon Fiber Turn Signal (Indicator) Caps for All Models (Excl S/X Refresh)Updated 2 years ago

  1. The caps cover the chrome area of the turn signals/indicators, leaving the actual indicator visible. It's best to do this on a warm day, with a temperature of at least 61f/16c. Start by cleaning the chrome area to ensure it's free of dirt or other contaminants. For the real carbon fiber caps, use the included adhesion promoter once the area is clean.
  2. Before removing the red film, take a dry run at fitting them. The 3M VHB tape is strong, and quick to grab, so it's important you present them to the turn signal so that the cap makes even contact all over. The best option is to line up at the narrow end and across the top edge, then rotate it downwards so that the rest of the cap makes contact.
  3. Now remove the red film from the 3M adhesive strips. Try not to touch the strips, as it'll reduce their effectiveness.
  4. Slowly present the cap to the turn signal, again ensuring that all surfaces make contact with each other at the same time. Apply very light pressure to confirm you're happy with the position. If you do need to remove it, pull it away with even pressure, and avoid stressing the narrow section of the cap.
  5. When you're happy with the position, apply firm, even pressure all over, using a soft towel or micro fiber cloth will help with this
  6. It's important that the VHB tape is allowed time to fully bond, this is especially true if the weather is cold. Allow 24hrs in a temperate environment (70f/21c) for the bond to complete. If you're able to, use some painters (masking) tape to hold down the cap, but of course be sure to remove it before driving.
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