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Tesla Model S

Installation guides for the Tesla Model S accessories


Model S Pre-Refresh

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Auto Lift Kit for the Model S Parcel Shelf

Please refer to the video below:. In the kit, you'll find... a - Collated pin (for pushing into the parcel shelf). b - Anchor (fits into the trim on the liftgate/hatch). c - A link to these instruction :-). d - Filament line (attached to the anchor,

Ultra-Bright LED Lights for Model S

You can see the installation locations here. Please refer to DÆrik's video below for installation instructions:. If you have an early S without the "Tech Package", then the lights in the back of the trunk, rear footwells and the puddle lights in the

License Plate LED Lights for Model S

Step 1 - Preparation. Pop the truck/boot, and pull it back down slightly to a level where you can comfortably get to the lights above the license plate.  There are 4 relatively small screws, each pair securing the two light lens.  In order to replace

Rebuilding a Model S Handle

This is obviously quite an involved process, but since Tesla charges $1000+ for a single handle replacement, it's worth some of your time to at least watch the videos to see if this is for you. First up, Rich Rebuilds on how to remove the handle asse