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Auto Lift Kit for the Model S Parcel ShelfUpdated 2 years ago

Please refer to the video below:

In the kit, you'll find...

a - Collated pin (for pushing into the parcel shelf)

b - Anchor (fits into the trim on the liftgate/hatch)

c - A link to these instruction :-)

d - Filament line (attached to the anchor, and to the nail)

e - Shim (to open up a small gap in the liftgate trim to insert the anchor)

f - (not shown) - small sticky pad; this is only needed for refreshed Model S, and should be used to 'wedge' into the trim to prevent the hook from sliding down. Pre-Refresh Model S has a different trim that doesn't need this.


The picture above helps to locate the areas referenced. Images are taken using a drivers’ side installation and should be mirrored if passenger side installation is desired. Leave the parcel shelf (PS) in the vehicle for installation. Only one auto-lift kit is required - there's no need to have one on each side.


Thread the pointed tip of the black stainless steel pin through the “eye” of the swivel connector and then insert it directly into the side of the PS flap, as close to the corner 
seam as possible. Firmly press the pin all the way in until it secures the swivel connector in place as pictured. (Note: Ensure that the pin is inserted perpendicular to the side of the shelf, otherwise the pin may be pulled out.)

On the hatch, locate the “bumper” pictured above and slide the shim (the brown piece of plastic with the number "5") between the trim panel and the hatch right over and in-line with the bumper until the gap is just wide enough to insert the anchor.

Insert the “arch” part of the anchor in the opening created on the left side of the shim. Then slide the anchor down the trim piece until it is around 1 inch above the joint between the two trim pieces as pictured below. Remove the shim and press the trim panel firmly to ensure it is still seated.

Lastly, insert the filament connector to the hook part of the anchor by inserting it through the small opening at the top as seen below. That’s it! If you need to remove your PS at anytime, simply unhook it from the anchor hatch and it will come out and remain attached to the PS.

 *Note: the filament line may rest on the weather strip when the hatch closes, and this is fine. As designed, it will not protrude from the vehicle hatch at any time. The braided line has a nylon coating on it to protect your paint and ensure the weather strip can create a tight seal even if it lays on it.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or need support.
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