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Ultra-Bright LED Lights for Model SUpdated 2 years ago

You can see the installation locations here.

Please refer to DÆrik's video below for installation instructions:

If you have an early S without the "Tech Package", then the lights in the back of the trunk, rear footwells and the puddle lights in the doors, will be missing, but the good news is the power cables are still there, so you just need to find those, and plug new bulbs in. 

In the trunk, if you do not have the lights shown below, you do not have the tech package, but you should be able to feel around for a trim punch-out in the same location as the lights:

here's a picture of how the bundled up cable might look behind the side trim:

For under the front sears (to provide foot well light to the rear passengers), the cable will be wrapped up with other cables under there. If you have a pre-2017 Model S, you can purchase these brackets for our bulbs. If you have a newer S, then there's an integrated bar for the same lights, but it forces the light to shine directly down. You can easily zip tie one of our bulbs on the same bar though.

Finally, for the puddle lights in the doors, you'll see the detent where they should go, you can carefully open up the hole for our puddle lights to fit into. The power cables are normally very nearby, and can be pulled through the hole, but sometimes it's necessary to pop the power part of the trim off to gain better access to find the cable.

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