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Front & Rear Light Protection (PPF)Updated 15 days ago

Please refer to the videos below...they're a bit wordy, but buried in the waffle are some important tips & tricks. The long piece of PPF is like wrangling a snake, so please watch the relevant section to ensure your application is successful! Key points:

  • Install inside. You will not be able to install this outside, as the wind will catch the PPF and drive you insane
  • It's a little difficult to see the PPF once installed, but do pay attention to the edges, and ensure they're not stocking out beyond the flat surface of the lightbar. The PPF pattern is designed to perfectly cover the flat face of the lightbar
  • Take your time and don't be shy with the slip solution. This is an easy installation, just needs a little patience. Unlike installing PPF on a car panel, this pre-cut pattern requires little to no stretching.

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