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Tesla Model Y

Installation guides for the Tesla Model Y accessories

Model Y Installation Guides

Installation Guides for all Model Y's

Low Profile Mud Flaps for Model Y

Please watch the video below. If you're just looking to install your new Low Profile Mud Flaps, jump to the 5:14 mark, but if you'd like to know how they compare to our other mud flaps, we cover that in the first part of the video.

Model Y Emblems

Application is easy, you can watch our quick video below.

Pillar Delete for Model Y

For this one, we hand over to our friends at Tesbros! Our only additional tip is take your time, and work on this when your garage isn't 95f. Ask us how we know.

Trunk Light for Model Y

Please refer to the video below, you can also find it at aohelp.me/mytrunklight, or by scanning the QR code on the package. The same technique applies for the ultra and mega-bright lights. Please note, newer Model Y's have a cover over the latch that

Mud Flaps for Model Y

Please refer to the video below, the front mud flaps just take a minute each, the rears just a couple of minutes. Use the chapter guide to jump to the segment you need. As noted in the video, the rear bolts thread through a weld point that's sometime

Trunk Sill Protectors for Model Y

Please watch the quick video below, and be sure to apply when the temperature is ideally 70-100f (21-39c).

Floor Mats for Model Y

Important: The mats need to settle after shipping to restore their natural shape. Either leave them in the sun for an hour, or, just allow a couple of days after installing. Please see below for Erik's guides, first for the floor mats, and the second

Cargo Cover and Lightbar for Model Y

We've got one slightly longer video to show you both the cargo cover installation, and then the lightbar installation, since they're often purchased together. Use the chapters in the video timeline to skip to the section you need :-).

Camping Mattress

Please watch the video below for a quick demo of how to install & pack the mattress:.

Model Y Pet Rear Cargo/Trunk Liner

Please refer to the video below for a quick demo of how to install:.

Rear PPF Protection Kits

Please select the video you need below. Model Y's build before 2023 have the ultrasonic sensors, after 2023, there's no sensors (so no cutouts). With Sensors:. Without Sensors:.

[old] Flexible LED Frunk Light

If you've arrived at this page, please click below to visit the latest help article. https://aohelp.me/frunkstrip

Premium Model Y Trunk Liner

So easy to install! Just place each panel in it's location and let the Velcro do the rest! To store, just stack them up and place in the truck floor storage (https://abstractocean.com/products/model-y-trunk-floor-handles). We suggest installing them

Full Coverage Door Bins

Slip in, slip out! If they need to be cleaned, water and a mind dish detergent will do the job.

Rear Seat Hook & Seatbelt Guides

Please refer to the short video below.

B-Pillar Protection

Please watch the video below, and use the chapter links to get to the part you need.

Trunk PPF for Model 3 & Model Y

Please refer to the videos below for Model Y, from our friends at Tesbros.