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Tesla Model S & X

If there's a product that works for both Model S & X, here's where you'll find them!

Padded Armrest Cover

Just slide it on! Please refer to the video below for a quick demo.

Model S/X Refresh Screen Protectors

Please watch the video below, and, as always, dust is your enemy, so do all you can to prevent it!.

Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for the Model S & X (pre-refresh)

By far the best way to learn how to install it successfully is to watch the video, it’s 4 minutes long and is specifically made for installing these protectors into your Tesla.  With the right preparation, they’re easy to install. Here’s some importa

Plaid Emblem for Model S/X Refresh

Please refer to the short video below showing how easy it is to install your new Plaid emblem. If you need to remove your chrome one first, you can almost certainly just pick it off with your fingernails, applying a little heat from a hairdryer first

Qi Charger (pre-refresh)

Please watch the video below for a quick summary of how to install:.

S3XY Buttons for Refreshed S/X

Please refer to the short video below, and don't forget to power down the car before starting.

Turn Signal (Indicator) Covers

Coming soon!

Door Handle Trims for Model S or X

These are super easy, the main thing to take care of ahead of time is that the surface of the handle is clean, and relatively cool. If you have a little stool you can sit on, grab that, and position yourself at eye level to the door handles. Carefull