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Why Should I Buy From Abstract Ocean?Updated 2 years ago

You have choices, we get that. There's lots of great companies out there, and a few not-so-great ones. We've been an active part of the Tesla community since 2013 (and Rivian since 2019!), and care about everything we sell.

Like most companies, we source from all over the world, including several fellow Tesla owners that have their own small businesses. All our vinyl & PPF products are designed and manufactured here in Texas or by our partners in Tennessee and California. Products that we source internationally are made for us, to our specifications. We don't just pick something off of AliBaba/AliExpress and slap a logo on it. When a product is recommended to us, we get a sample, then we see if we can improve on it. If we can't, we don't sell it. 

The products we sell are not always the the cheapest option, but we do try to always be the best option at a reasonable price, with great support if you need it.

You can read a bit more about us here.

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