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Which Center Console Do I Have?Updated 4 months ago

For the Model 3 and Y, there's now 3 variants of center console. Please see below to know which one you have. Where the model years are stated, there maybe some overlap, so those are just for guidance only. 

Generation 1

  • Model 3 2018-2020
  • Model Y 2020

This version is easily identified by the piano black finish, and cover door over the phone charging mat. Note, that because the piano black is a huge fingerprint magnet, your center console might be covered with vinyl or a plastic cover.

Generation 2

  • Model 3 Late 2020 - early 2024
  • Model Y 2021 - 2024

This version has a subtle metallic grey finish with a sliding door and felt phone dock.

Generation 3

  • Model 3 early 2024 onwards (aka "Highland")

This version, introduced with the refreshed Model 3 in Q4 2023 in Europe, and Q1, 2024 in North America, features the latest design with a sliding cover over the cup holders.

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