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Tempered Glass (9H) Screen Protector for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

Watch in your Tesla!: https://aohelp.me/9H4

Really the best thing you can do it watch the video, and remember the golden rules of applying a big giant screen protector! ie:

  • turn off the AC to minimize airflow (and dust circulation)
  • Dust is your enemy; do everything you can to prevent dust getting under the screen protector
  • Make use of the included dust grabbers to dab around the screen before lowering the screen protector
  • Place a towel under the screen, just in case the screen protector slips during installation

We have two video. For our Gen 3 product, and using the Installation Guide (recommended), please watch this video:


Q: Why did you ship me a protector that's the wrong size?

A: We didn't :-) Because there's no bezel on the screen, there's no margin for error, so even a slight issue with the alignment will make it look crooked, or have edges overlapping. Our Installation Guide will help ensure it's perfectly aligned.

Q: The screen protector was damaged in transit

A: If you suspect the contents have become damaged in any way, just reach out to us for an exchange. Please include photos of the damage to both the outside packaging (if applicable) and the protector.

Q: My screen is going crazy after applying the protector

A: Please reboot the screen (car) by holding down the two scroll wheels on the steering wheel for ~10 seconds. This allows the screen to re-calibrate, and normally resolves the issue. If this doesn't work, please let the car go through a sleep cycle (normally overnight, or if it's not used for 4-6 hours).

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