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T E S L A Performance Emblems for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

 Note the following tips if you'd like to remove your "T" logo:

  • Prior to removing the T, it's an excellent marker for the exact middle of the trunk, so use some tape or crayon to mark the spot before removing it.
  • Heat the "T" with a hair dryer or a heat gun on a low setting. Since the logo is metal, it'll get hot, so heat it enough so you can still touch it, that'll be enough to soften the adhesive bond.
  • Now use fishing line, or even a few strands of dental floss to gentle 'saw' away behind the logo to break the adhesive bond. Re-heat if necessary. 
  • Once you get going, you can pry the logo off, but, since it's metal, take care not to scratch your paint with it.
  • Once the logo is removed, use an adhesive remover to remove the rest of the foam. The key is to allow it to soak in, it'll make it much easier to remove the residue. you can use GooGone if you have it in your house, if not, we recommend Rapid Remover.

 Now, without further ado, here's the video :-)

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