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Superhydrophobic Camera CoverUpdated a year ago

Installation takes just a minute; ensure the target area is clean and completely dry, and ideally install when the temperature is between 50-85f (10-30c). In use, it is normal for a little fogging to occur inside the cover if there's a rapid change in temperature or humidly (similar to how sunglasses steam up if you put them on after being in an air-conditioned store) but it should clear once acclimatized. 

It's important that you ensure a good seal all the way around to prevent water intrusion; please take the time to clean the area. As mentioned in the video, if you have a license plate frame, you will need to remove that in order to get better access to the camera (you can refit it afterwards).

Please check for this piece of film near the camera:

If it's there, remove it, as it will interfere with proper adhesion, and serves no purpose.

We do not recommend washing your car at a 'touchless' car wash, since they use close-range high-power jet washers that may cause water ingress.

Pro Tip: Pick a day when it's not too hot and not too cold. Ideally a crisp, dry sunny day. Cool is okay. It's important that it's a dry day (watch that humidity).

Installing: Clean the area with a lens wipe (or alcohol). In our experience, there's sometimes an oily residue left over from the factory in that area and as you would imagine, that's a huge dirt trap! 

Check that the area is dry. Use an air duster if you want - that's always fun. Trapped moisture is the enemy.

When removing the protective backing, be careful! The adhesive is super sticky (duh) but it's also it's just the right amount of adhesion, so it may try to stick to the backing...Go slow.

When applying, center yourself low and behind the camera. Try to install it so it goes on perfectly square (all sides should stick at the same time, make sure one side doesn't stick down before the other, for example)

Once it's stuck all the way around, apply hand-pressure for a solid minute and try not to drive for a day or two. If you need to drive, try not to go out in wet conditions right away and avoid car washes for seven days.

Please watch the video below for a quick demo, and installation tips (use the chapter markers to jump to the section you need):

Need to replace the adhesive? Here's a quick demo:

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