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Rotating Screen Mount for Models 3 & YUpdated 10 months ago

This is one of our favorite accessories! Please watch the video below, and note the following tips:

  • The bracket is very stiff to move when not installed. Although you can rotate it with your hands, it will need strength, and will not be easy.
  • The screen is fragile. As shown in the video, be sure to lay out a soft towel to place it on while working on the mount.
  • The main screen connector can be tight to remove. It's a robust connector, but just take your time with it, less wiggle, more pull, directly out.
  • Be sure to double-check all bolts for tightness before closing up the trim.

There's two videos below, the first is for the full rotation mount (Gen 2), and the second for the left/right rotation (Gen 1). We recommend following the first video for both options, since the technique is exactly the same, there's just a couple of accessory differences.

If you find you have a gap between the dash and the new plastic cowl (surround), then a shim is included to help with that. This bit of the video shows how to use it. 


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