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Rivian Anywhere DecalsUpdated 10 months ago

These decals can be put on damn near anything. 

Slowly peel back the white backing paper ensuring that the vinyl decal bit stays attached to the transfer tape that is applied on the top. If the decal persists to stick to the white backing sheet, rub the two together to create a tighter bond...then start that process again.

Place the decal with the transfer tape on the item you want ensuring the position is straight and correct. Don't apply pressure until you're happy.

Rub with your hand or squeegee (depending on the decal you ordered) to create heat and friction as this will transfer the decal to your item. 

Slowly peel the transfer tape and voila! You are good to go! 

Recommended Placement:

  • Decorate your work laptop! Give it some style to brighten up your workday.
  • Mugs -- Because why not.
  • Appliances --This is just fun! 
  • Cars -- anywhere on your car that feels appropriate. These are made with 3M vinyl so good to go wherever. 
  • Windows -- similar to the ghosts we apply in October, but year round telling the neighborhood you're a Rivian fan. 

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