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Premium Carbon Fiber Dash Cap for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

Please watch our short video before attempting the install, and please note the following:

  • Use the included adhesion promoter before applying the dash cap.
  • The dash cap is a fragile piece. Please move it around in the box it arrives in, and one you start to fit it, have someone else on hand to help ensure the end doesn't knock into anything
  • Ensure the surface of the dash is warm, this will help with adhesion. If you're installing when the weather is cold, please ensure the car is pre-heated, and the dash itself feels warm to the touch
  • Pay particular attention to the front edge of the dash cap (where it meets the aluminum trim), ensuring the sticky strip is stuck down all the way along.
  • If the weather is cold, then optionally it doesn't hurt to use some masking (painters) tape just to hold it down while the adhesive takes hold - leave it in place for 24-48hrs.
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