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Our storyUpdated 2 years ago

Our founders

I'm Pete, the founder and Chief Everything Officer of AO.

Pete's Perspective:

I'd like to say we set out with an amazing vision back in 2013 to create an aftermarket store dedicated to everything Tesla. And maybe one day I'll reinvent a back story, because technically we did start in a garage, and that's always a great story, right?

The reality is that I bought my first Tesla since 2013, it was the most I'd ever spent on a car. Back then, the key that came with the Model S was (and still is) a slippery little sucker; a fine example of form over function. I designed and had made 100 neoprene 'FobPockets', and sold them on the TMC forum. That same year, we traveled to visit family for Thanksgiving, and packed up the store in a shoe tote; nearly everything ships in a day was the promise back then, and remains true today. We'd need a lot of totes to do that now.

Fast-forward to today, and things are the same, just larger. We sell more stuff, but all of it we'd happily put in our cars. Most of it is made exclusively for us, to our quality specifications. If you want cheap, go to some no-name brand on Amazon. If you want something that will last, and that has amazing support behind it, we're here for you. 

Christal, Chief Girl around here. 

Christal's Side of the Story:

Back then, getting the Model S was a huge deal. TBH, I only knew about Tesla from watching Revenge of the Electric Carbut after months of researching electric vehicles, Pete was ready to get a Tesla. Our lives literally changed in 2013 when we picked up our first Model S.  

That key. That silly hot-wheels-car-key-fob would slip right out of my pocket! Super annoying! On the forums, people were looking for a solution to attach other keys as well as protect the glossy finish. From there, the FobPocket was born. We started shipping one or two a week and it just grew. During this time, I was freelancing (general marketing work) a bit and thought that might grow into a thing, so we needed a business name. Not knowing if the freelancing would pan out or what other ideas might pop up, we chose the obscure name Abstract Ocean. This allowed us to follow our natural passion wherever that lead. I should’ve known where we were headed when Pete was sizing up the screen for screen protectors!

Following the passion and creativeness of the Tesla community has been so rewarding. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to do what we love while helping others personalize their Tesla!  

Nice words, but what's in it for me? 

Fast shipping

We don't screw around; 98%+ of all orders ship within one business day. Depending on the order and shipping service selected, the actual time in transit will vary, but you can be confident that your package will be on its way fast.

You're in safe hands

For real. Know that we stand behind every product we sell. Because we designed most of them and use all of them, we know what we're talking about. If something's not right, it'll be fixed. Period.

Stress-free global shipping

Sure, we’re based in Texas, USA. But, one half of AO is British and we understand the frustrations of ordering from a site outside of your own country. You can be up the street, across the pond or down under; you're part of our extended family, and you'll get your stuff, from Texas to Timbuktu.

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