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Multi-color Footwell LightsUpdated a year ago

Please refer to the video below, and note the following:

  • It's recorded in a 2023 Model Y. As with any Tesla, there's minor differences through the model years, but the approach is the same. For Model 3, it's also the same, just a little less space due to the seats being lower.
  • We fix the rear lights onto the seat bar; if your seats do not have this, find another convenient location; the adhesive strips are high-bond, so there's options under the seats, or you can zip-tie them.
  • The supplied IR remote needs a CR2032 battery, the same as the Tesla keyfobs, and likely many other things around your house. If you need to buy some, Amazon is far cheaper than your local store, we recommend these over the no-name brands.
  • If you were wondering, we opted against an app-controlled version, as we all have enough apps on our phones, and the generic light-control apps are not the best in terms of functionality or privacy.

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