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Lightbar DecalUpdated a year ago

Things to note: 

This is a wet 💦application. Package includes one spray bottle with solution (practically invisible) - just add water and shake to make this magic happen. You'll also get a double-sided squeegee, as seen in the video.

Initial install will take about 15 minutes. But, then it must sit overnight (for 10+ hours) before removing the transfer paper (aka carrier sheet). This ensures the lettering stays in place when removing the carrier sheet. Failure to wait results in wonky letters that just don't have the same impact. Plan for this. Technically it's okay to drive your vehicle during this time (just ask Christal) but it doesn't look very cool, if aesthetics are your thing. 

Please refer to the video below, and don't forget, it's really important to allow things to dry out, so please leave it overnight to make removing the carrier sheet much easier.

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