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Discounts, Coupon Codes and RestrictionsUpdated a month ago

Do you have any discount codes?

If we do, they'll be shown on the home page, and we also encourage you to hunt out some of our affiliates, as they product great content and may have a discount code available. If you're part of an owners club, then they might also offer a discount for our products (and if they don't, have someone reach out to us, we love to support the local clubs!).

My code is not working

There's two possible reasons for this. Most codes can only be used once by each customer, so if you've used a code in the past, it won't be valid to be used again.

The other reason is that some products are not discount eligible. This can occur because the product is already discounted, or we sometimes sell products from our fantastic retail partners that we're not allowed to discount further. If this is the case, it's made clear on the product page:

And you will see this error at checkout:

You can checkout without using a code, or if you have more than one product in your cart, remove the item(s) that are not eligible for discount, and then complete checkout with the code you're trying to use.

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