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Charging Port Wrap for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

  • Clean the area with the included wipe. Ideally do the install in a moderate temperature, so 55-80f, 14-27c. This helps ensure the vinyl adheres well. As you use the wipe, you should see the moisture flash (evaporate') quickly, this is a good indication the temperature is about right.
  • The charging door will try to close after a minute or so. If the car is unlocked, just give it a gentle push to open it again. Try to time it so you get the maximum amount of time to apply the vinyl, as there's noting more annoying than the door trying to close on you at the most inopportune time. If it does start to close, just blocking it will open it up again, but the logo will no longer be lit.
  • The two alignment points you're looking for are the logo and the bottom of the hinge opening:

Charging Port Wrap location

  • Carefully peel the vinyl from the backing sheet, and start in the top left corner. Look for good alignment of both the logo, and the opening around the charging door hinge, especially the bottom of it. Try to get at eye level, as the logo is slightly recessed behind the plastic.
  • Once you're happy, finish the top left corner. If something looks off, just lift the vinyl and try again. Since the plastic surface isn't glossy, it's quite easy to do.
  • Now work your way along the top; apply gentle tension to the vinyl as you allow it to lay into position, but do not pull on it, as it might stretch.
  • Now just work your way down, using the squeegee to help. Again, apply some gentle tension, but be careful not to stretch it, especially as the actual charging port opening is large, so it's easy for it to lose its' shape
  • If everything is lined up right, you just need to tuck the bottom of it under the light trim, and you're done :-)
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