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ChargebacksUpdated 3 months ago

A Chargeback occurs when a customer requests their payment provider to dispute a transaction. Typically, this might occur when an order was lost / not delivered, or there's another issue with the order. In rare cases, the transaction might have been fraudulent. Unfortunately, many eCommerce businesses also suffer from what's called 'friendly fraud', where the chargeback process is being abused.

Every company's goal is always zero chargebacks. The process is slow and costly - especially for a small business. Whatever the issue is, please work with us to resolve it; we're always here for you, and have been for over a decade, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service.

If you decide to place a Chargeback, then at that point, our hands are tied. We can take no further action in terms of resolving the issue, since you've placed that responsibility on your payment provider. It will take 6 weeks for them to determine if the claim is valid, at which point you'll either keep the temporary credit they provided you, or, if the dispute is rejected, the credit will be removed.

You can remove a chargeback at any time by contacting your bank/credit card company. They will then advise our payment processor, and we can proceed with resolving the issue, but note, the removal process can take a long time, and we cannot do anything until we receive confirmation from our payment processor. 

We will always dispute the Chargeback, unless of course we agree it's our issue, in which case we'd have done that long before the Chargeback would have been needed. We reserve the right to prevent customers that have placed a Chargeback from ordering in the future, as at that point, the trust is clearly broken down, so it's in everyone's best interest to part ways.

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