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Center Console Shell [1st Gen Center Consoles] for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

Watching the video is the best way to know how to install this, however, some quick tips:

  • 'dry fit' (i.e. don't remove the film from the adhesive tape) each piece first so you have a feel for how it located.
  • As you fit each piece, gently lower it down and do not apply any pressure until you're happy with the positioning.
  • Important: Pay close attention to the alignment; if it's off, it could restrict the opening of the middle and/or top panel

 Need to remove it? 

  1. Gently heat each panel with a hairdryer, this will help soften the adhesive
  2. Carefully, but deliberately, lift the shell piece from one side
  3. When you can, use your other hand to provide support to the center console panel, to ensure that's not removed with the shell piece
  4. Continue to remove the shell piece. If any adhesive foam is left, just roll it away with your thumb
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