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Cargo Crossbars Wall MountUpdated a year ago

1. Decide on a mounting spot and position (vertical or horizontal). Keep in mind you need at least 46" distance between the two plates.

2. Take one of the plates, put it on the wall (without mounting) and use a sharpie or one of the screws to mark its 6 holes on the wall

3. Remove the plate and drill small holes where the markings are. Insert the drywall anchors into these holes until the drywall anchors are flat against the wall.

4. Install the first frame using 6 screws that go into the drywall anchors you just installed.

5. Attach the other frame to one end of a crossbar. Attach the other end of the crossbar onto the installed frame an put a level in the middle/top of the crossbar to establish a perfect position. Have someone help you keep the crossbar leveled while marking the holes of the other mounting plate.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other mounting plate.

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