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Advanced Carbon Activated Air Filters for Model 3 & YUpdated 2 years ago

Please refer to the video below, noting this was recorded in a 2021 Model 3. The process for Model Y, and earlier Model 3's is the same, with the exception that the torx screw to remove the access panel is at the top, rather than the bottom, and you need to move the orange power cable out of the way. If you have an older Model 3 with the screw at the top, you're about to learn it's a horrible place for it. Our magnetic cover makes future filter changes much easier.

Note: Unlike some other filters, the black (activated charcoal) layer faces the dirty air coming in, and the blue layer faces the cabin, being the last layer before the air leaves the filter. This is because our filters are designed to not get contaminated prematurely, so the larger filter media weeds out all the larger dust, odor and pollen particles, leaving the last two layers, the hepa filer layer and the aseptic blue layer to 'polish' the air. 

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