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Rewards Program RetirementUpdated 7 days ago

Why is the rewards program being discontinued?

We've had a number of technical issues with the rewards platform, so it no longer meets the high-level of experience we aim to provide to our customers. As an example, it was not possible to use a rewards discount when checking out with ApplePay, which is one of the most popular payment methods for our customers.

When is the program being discontinued?

The last date you can spend your rewards is June 30, 2023. Points are no longer accruing as of May 25, 2023.

How can I see point current points balance?

You can check your rewards anytime here. You'll also see your available rewards for redemption on the checkout page, assuming you're logged into your account.

I have VIP status with you, how will this work going forward?

We know who our VIP's are We're going to launch a new recognition program that'll reward our VIP's with early access to sales and new product launches, and other exclusive perks. This program will be fully integrated with our usual marketing email system, so will be fully automated - there's nothing you need to do. We expect this to launch in the summer of 2023.

Will I still get my birthday bonus?

If you entered your birthday when you signed up for the rewards program, then yes, as part of the new recognition system, you'll get a special treat on your birthday 🎂

What about points for reviews?

We keep track of all reviews that are submitted, and as we bring our new recognition program online, review submissions will be one of the qualifiers for attaining VIP status. Reviews are a vital part of helping fellow customers decide on what to buy, so they'll be one of the most important factors in determining VIP status and will take into account all reviews ever submitted.

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