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FAQ: RimSaversUpdated a year ago

Can I install RimBlades/RimSavers on top of a wheel that’s already been scraped or damaged?

Yes. We recommend lightly sanding the damaged area with 600 grit sandpaper (aka Wet n Dry) to smooth the rough edges. The adhesive works best on smooth, flat surfaces. You should start the install on an undamaged area so it has a strong bond at the seam. The best indicator is if you can run your finger over it without snagging, you should be good to go.

How much protection do RimSavers offer?

RimSavers are excellent at protecting your rims from minor damage while parking. They are a layer of protection to help prevent curb damage. They can’t prevent damage caused by a pothole or any impact over 5mph. RimSavers are made from a proprietary mix of plastic and are UV stable. The construction is durable and easy to keep clean.

Will they become detached from my wheel?

Not if installed correctly. We've been testing these for a year, which means they survived the Great Freeze of 2021, a Texas summer, and everything inbetween! RimSavers use 3M automotive VHB tape, and ship with both alcohol wipes and adhesion promotor wipes. The adhesive is as important, and as costly, as the protector itself, so beware of copy-cat products. 

What happens when I need to change a tire?

It is possible to change the tire without damage to the blade. The tire shop will need to take extra care when removing the tire. Adding tire lube to the blade allows the tire to slide by without pulling the blade off. Most tire shops are not aware of this process and will need reminding.

How do I remove RimSavers?


We sell a Replacement Kit that includes the chemical-free removal process shown in the video above. Alternatively, First, remove the RimSaver by popping off the cover piece and pulling from one end. To remove the adhesive, we recommend WD-40. The trick is to apply it generously and let it sit for at least 1 hour (if possible, spray on and let it sit overnight). Use a piece of plastic or wood to scrap off adhesive. Repeat as needed and use a rag to finish. Dawn dish soap works best to remove WD-40 and any remaining residue.

Are there any tips or tricks for making the RimBlades/RimSavers install go smoothly?

  • Make sure your wheels are completely and totally clean. Any dirt, moisture, or chemical (like tire shine) can cause the adhesive to fail. Fresh-from-the-factory Tesla wheels do have a coating that must be removed.
  • Take your time, starting at the top of the wheel and working your way around the rim. A small stool to sit on as you do this is a great idea.
  • If you can lift the vehicle to get the wheel up off the ground, install is even easier. If you can spin the wheel as you install RimBlades, it’s easier to get optimum install (and easier on your back too).
  • Apply the RimBlades in a garage that’s at room temperature, and start by the tire valve, so that the join ends there and has some aesthetic symmetry with the valve.
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